Writing for social media

Engaging in social media is more than sharing just one basic social message on multiple platforms. When writing posts for social media, businesses must tailor their message to the audience they are trying to reach on each network. Simply publishing the same message on several social media channels is often a sign of a business’ laziness or ignorance.

Every social media user has a unique network preference. Their favourite network may be because they like to communicate with others in a specific way or using a specific voice. Therefore, if a business was to communicate with their Twitter audience in the same way they would with their Facebook audience, then they may see a decline in audience engagement.

Even if a business’ online followers use multiple social media networks, when they use a certain platform, they expect to be communicated with in a specific way. For businesses to get the most out of their social media platforms, it’s important to keep the following in mind when writing for these platforms:

– Keep your messages short, simple and straight to the point
– Link your tweets so users can get more information
– Hashtags can help link a business’ message to a group of related conversations

– Adding a personal touch to your messages can make a world of difference
– Become part of a group or community of people (people often use Facebook because they feel the need to belong)

– Engage with audiences by asking questions or hosting a discussion
– Provide followers with proof that you are a valid source of information

– Discussing the niche of your content and including tags will attract like-minded followers
– Just like Twitter; hashtags are a great way to join in or organise a conversation


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