Why social media is essential for small business

Social media marketing is simply, an effective and costless way to promote your business.

The most consumed content is now online so as a savvy business owner it pays to know how to effectively reach your customers via social media.

Social media provides a platform to engage with customers, especially those who may be international.

Consider the following benefits of incorporating social media into your marketing strategy:

Attracting new customers
Appeal to new markets or audiences with an active social presence. Potential customers will generally use social media to find out information such as opening hours, contact details and so forth before they think to check your website.

Gain a competitive edge
Social media allows your business to create and share content with your followers easily. This content may help to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Businesses can also use social media to research what their competition is doing and find ways to improve upon existing strategies. For example, you might advertise vacancies via social media, contribute a regular blog on LinkedIn, provide ‘giveaways’ via social media only and so on.

Increase brand awareness
Having an active social presence helps to keep your brand top of mind. Regular posting serves to increase brand awareness and may even trigger a customer purchase. To further increase awareness, be sure to link your social media channels to your website and emails.


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