What’s in a landing page?

A well-designed landing page can greatly increase a business’ online conversions. Landing pages are different from general websites. They are a single page designed for a single objective used to prompt a certain action or result.

Landing pages are designed to improve a business’ online conversions and have specific requirements such as a clear call to action, clean and simple design, and persuasive copy.

A clear call to action is possibly the most important part of a landing page. It should be the first thing viewers see when they click onto the page and include short, action-oriented words. It needs to be explicitly tied to a business’ conversion goal and supported by everything else on the page.

Simple is best when it comes to landing page design. Because of the specific goals of the landing page, businesses shouldn’t distract visitors and prevent them from converting by including any extraneous information.

Copy on a landing page needs to be clear, concise, and most importantly, persuasive. Businesses want to convert customers, so the simpler the words used, the more it will resonate with online audiences. The more action-oriented the copy is, the more immediate reactions you’ll provoke.


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