What your office space says about your business

How you choose to design the aesthetics of your office impacts not only how a client thinks of you, but your employees’ motivation and productivity levels as well.

Consider these reasons why your office may need a makeover.

Your employees
Creating a pleasant, sunlit and clean office space for your employees to work in helps to reduce stress and can boost motivation levels.

When a new client walks through your door, you want to create a great first impression. How you design your office space communicates to your clients the type of business you are. A dull and messy workspace will do little to earn their trust in handling their work.

Motivation building
Your office should inspire your employees to do their best work. Poor office design can diminish productivity, so make small changes where necessary. This may mean getting rid of clutter, such as cardboard boxes, replacing desks and equipment, or installing artwork.

Attracting potential staff
Your office is usually the first point of contact a potential candidate will have with your business. The way your office is set up can speak for how your business runs, i.e., organisational structure and team work. An untidy or poorly designed space can say a lot about your business’ culture and values.

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