Welcoming new employees

The first day of a new job can be particularly daunting, regardless of how skilled or talented an individual is. By making the transition into a new workplace as seamless as possible, employees are likely to adapt to the new job more efficiently.

Try these strategies to help new employees feel like part of the team.

Develop a welcoming tradition. Having a set procedure to welcome new employees can help make them feel like part of the team. This can be more of a fun approach that involves the wider team too and breaks up their working day. This could involve a morning tea or getting coffee out. It takes the focus off work performance and places it on getting to know each other. It will make the employee feel more comfortable and make existing employees seem more approachable.

Show them around. Show the new employee around, don’t just tell them where things are. And try not to just tell them where the toilets are and the where their desk is. Make it meaningful. Take them to the best coffee shop or show them the fastest photocopier to use.

Be prepared for them. Starting a new job is a lot to take in. Have a desk ready for them, have their email account ready to go; let them feel like you’ve been thinking about what they need on their first day and that you have accounted for these things.

Check in. Ask how they are going half way through the day or just before the day is over, or both. Let them know that you care about how they are fitting in and open up the channels for them to come to you if they need help or guidance from the very first day.

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