Web design tips

Presenting your business online is key in today’s e-commerce driven environment. If your website looks dated, unprofessional or is not as visually engaging, odds are your business will come off worse against more web-savvy competitors.

Relevant images
Using stock images for the sake of filling up space on your landing page will add no benefit to your website. You are missing an opportunity to show something more relevant like images of your products, videos describing your business and satisfied customers with your product or service.

Be consistent
Your image and file size should be regular and your font and font size. This gives your website a professional and clean aesthetic.

Mobile friendly
If your website is not mobile friendly, you are not accessible to the greater market. Many of your customers will browse on the go and having an incompatible website interface with phones and tablets seems unprofessional.

Less is more
A cluttered page will deter customer engagement. Refine your services and goods, on your landing page. If you need to explain more have links that take you to a separate page.


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