Using AI to boost SEO

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the way of the future. Businesses ought to adopt AI strategies to enhance their online marketing and presence, to bring in continued profit.

Consider how the following strategies concerning AI can boost your business’ SEO.

AI allows businesses to distinguish between various keywords and the grouping of said keywords to generate traffic to their website. For instance, a business can generate a number of ‘exemplars’ that may be used in a search that resembles the content discussed on their page, e.g. ‘green eating Sutherland,’ ‘vegetarian restaurants Sutherland,’ ‘vegetarian places in the Shire.’ Using AI, when any of these exemplars are searched, traffic can be directed to the particular business that has indicated these search terms as relevant to their website.

Using chatbots on your business website can help transform a potential customer into a guaranteed sale. Chatbots allow browsers to chat with a ‘human’ to have their queries answered directly, rather than sift through the website trying to find the content that will answer their needs. Chatbots allow browsers to feel they are having a personal and unique interaction with the business directly, provided the chatbot software used is of a high quality.

Real-time data
Artificial intelligence is incredibly smart; it allows for the aggregation of key search terms and can determine how these terms are being used. Programs such as Google Analytics allow businesses to capture data, such as which search terms are most common based on location, geographic position, etc. By analysing this data, businesses can pinpoint the most beneficial methods to tweak the content provided on their website to generate more traffic.

Quality content
At the end of the day, if you don’t have high-quality content, visitors will not stay on your page which will result in your SEO rank dropping. Having a descriptive headline and a thought out meta-description will improve your clickability; but great, appealing content that actually gives the reader the information they are seeking will be what gets you over the line.


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