Tips to reduce millennial turnover

One of the biggest challenges currently facing business managers and employers is how to retain millennial talent. Younger workers are quite different to other generations and are therefore much harder to retain than any other working demographic.

Common reasons associated with young workers jumping ship include not feeling connected to a business, not seeing any room for advancement and feeling like they do not serve a purpose.

But since millennials are going to make up a large percentage of the workforce over the coming years, it is important that employers can offer jobs that cater to their needs.

Here are some tips for businesses wanting to appeal to the younger workforce and retain these kinds of employees for longer.

Provide development opportunities: Employers need to show younger workers that they are just as committed as their employees to advancing their careers. Employers can do this by offering growth plans like role diversity or defining promotional structures for advancement every couple of years.

Give them some freedom: Most millennials have big dreams for their careers and want to be able to execute them. Instead of holding them back, employers should look to incorporating flexible work options like working from home so young workers can continue to pursue their interests outside of work.

Make them feel connected to their job: Employers need to give their younger employees a reason to feel connected to their workplace and business. Employees who are involved in a business’s organisational culture are more likely to feel connected to it.

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