Tips to reduce loading speed of your website

A slow website risks users losing interest in a matter of seconds.

Reduce bounce rates from your website by following these tips.

Size your images
Larger image files slow your website down. You should scale them so that the web page does not have to do this for you. 100×100 pixels is a good starting point. Consider compressing your images using free online tools. Get the balance right with your compression, so you do not compromise quality for loading time.

Use a caching plugin
A browser caching means that your user will not have to wait for the page to load every time they log on as the plugin lets you store data on a visitor’s computer. Install a plugin like WP Total Cache or WP Super Cache if you are using a WordPress site.

Cut down on redirects
The more you redirect your visitor to new pages, the slower the user experience. Try and get as much information as possible on your landing page as your user will lose interest if you require them to visit different pages that take a long time to load. Use 301 permanent redirects instead of 404 broken links when you need to redirect.


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