Tips to building credibility as a leader

Quite often, an employee’s level of satisfaction can be traced back to his or her leaders. Indeed, research shows that only 49 per cent of employees trust their senior managers.

As all leaders should know, trust goes hand in hand with credibility. Credibility is something that all leaders must aspire to obtain, as it positions leaders as highly dependable sources of expertise and information.

Here are some suggestions new leaders can use to build their credibility:

Engage in active listening
When you’re responsible for managing people at work, tuning out of what they’re saying can be dangerous, as you risk missing important information like feedback or updates. If your staff also believe you’re not listening to them, they won’t confide in you in the future, which can prevent them from producing their best work.

Actively listening isn’t an easy task at first, but can be learned with a few healthy habits. Keep distractions to a minimum or move the conversation away from computers or mobiles when colleagues are speaking to you.

Get straight to the point
With studies now showing that humans have shorter attention spans, as a leader, when you speak to your team, cut to the chase to ensure they remember all the important parts. While you’re keeping things brief, make sure your team knows that you’re also receptive to questions and feedback.

Remain consistent
An important thing for leaders to think about is consistency. When you are consistent with your staff, you gain credibility. Therefore, make sure you can do what you’ll say you do. Before making any promises, consider if you can take it on. Knowing when to say no can create a balanced sense of priority among your team.

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