Tips to achieving email marketing success

Email newsletters are one of the most effective marketing tools businesses can use to build and maintain genuine relationships with their customers.

They have been shown to generate as much revenue as all other types of digital marketing combined and have the power to keep an audience engaged, drive traffic to websites and build a brand’s credibility.

Here are seven steps to begin reaping the benefits of email marketing in no time.

  • Build your list
    Start gathering email addresses from current and potential customers. This step can be difficult and time-consuming, so it’s worth your while to limit it to those who you know will engage with your business.
  • Segment your list
    Segmenting your email audience can help businesses create targeted messages for different groups which can lead to better open rates, lower opt-out and unsubscribe rates and improved deliverability. Segmenting allows businesses to separate their list according to geographic region, customer behaviour patterns, age and more to create content and offers most likely to generate responses.
  • Plan your content
    Decide on the range of content you’ll offer via email marketing. Make sure to strive for the balance between 80 per cent informational content and 20 per cent promotional content. Messages that aren’t selling your business may seem pointless, but they do work to develop brand awareness and build up trust in customers, which can lead to sales in the future.
  • Analyse the competition
    Study what your competition is doing. Sign up to their email newsletters to compare your efforts to theirs. While it is okay to put your own spin on their ideas, always strive for creating original content that readers can’t find anywhere else.
  • Develop a welcome email
    Create a series of follow-up emails for new subscribers introducing your business and its products and services. Start with a warm welcome and follow with a reminder of the benefits of signing up.
  • Implement autoresponders
    Use autoresponders to automatically trigger welcome emails, resend email newsletters that were never opened by customers or send newsletters at regular intervals. Autoresponders have been shown to increase open rates by 30 to 40 per cent.
  • Personalise emails
    Personalise your emails as much as possible. Use information gathered through analytics and surveys to your advantage by recognising customer birthdays or referring to previous purchases to make readers feel valued.

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