Three ways to promote your website

Launching your business’ website can be an exciting prospect, however, promoting your website and bringing in traffic can prove difficult for many business owners.

Fortunately, promoting your website does not have to be a costly exercise; there are cost-effective ways to generate more visits and rank well in the search engines. Here are three ways to boost your traffic:

Writing original content frequently on your website can help to bring in new traffic. Blog posts can easily be shared through your business’ social media pages which link back to your website, hence increasing traffic. Blogging is also useful from an SEO perspective, as long-tail keywords in your blog can boost your rankings.

Signature branding
Create a signature for your emails, text messages and any other services that include your website’s URL. Using a signature is the most cost-effective way of promoting your website as the signature will automatically appear on every channel of communication you use. Ideally, your signature should include your name, business name, any qualifications, website and phone number.

Social media marketing
Social media accounts are one of the best ways to promote your website and business on a tight budget. Social media provides business owners with a plethora of opportunities to advertise their business through a range of platforms. Social media can also be a great tool for communicating with your potential customers, responding to customer service inquires and encouraging customers to purchase.


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