Three ways to keep audiences on your website

Most businesses spend time blogging to reach the ultimate goal of attracting more people to their website or blog. However, it is one thing to get people to visit your business’s website; it is quite another to keep them there.

In the perfect world, potential and current customers would spend lots of time on a business’s website. But in the real world, internet users only spend seconds – minutes if the business is lucky – on a website.

But there are ways to get users to stay on your website for longer periods of time. Here are three tips to keep in mind next time you log in to blog on your website:

Publish great content
As simple as it sounds, most businesses fail to publish great content. Good content is the number one reason why people visit websites and blogs, especially if they are researching or just want to learn more about a certain topic. Businesses should always strive to publish content that is useful, interesting and helpful for readers.

Make your site easy to navigate around
Having a website or blog that is difficult or confusing to navigate around is a surefire way of keeping readers at bay. Illogical menus and tabs make it difficult for readers to find what they want. Make sure the navigation of your website and blog makes sense and is easy to understand and follow.

Include related posts link in each post
By adding links in your content to other related posts on your blog, readers are more likely to stay on your website visiting those links after they have finished reading the original post.


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