The importance of culture when it comes to business

A business with a strong sense of culture is one that is truly viewing those involved in the business as individuals and not just numbers.

There is a multitude of positives that arise from nurturing a strong culture in business, including:

Universal vision
When your business fosters a strong business culture, there is potential for a universal vision to be embraced. This vision may be one that places emphasis on particular values that are important to you, not just as a business owner but as human being as well, such as being respectful of individuality, being inclusive of all genders, races, political views, etc.

A business with a strong culture behind it is one where employees thrive and productivity rates increase. Culture is all about the feeling one gets when they go to work or enter the business premises. If this feeling is a positive one, employees are more likely to enjoy their work and to work hard.

If on the other hand, the culture behind the business is, for example, one where sexism is prevalent or inclusivity of all staff is not promoted, the productivity of employees is likely to diminish, particularly for those employees who fall into a group seen as powerless or less worthy.

Employees who enjoy their job and feel safe and inspired by their workplace are more likely to stay employed with the business for a longer period of time. One of the best ways to make an employee feel this way is through developing a strong culture within the business that promotes job satisfaction. The culture you want to create should be seen in all aspects of the business; including the vision and mission statement, core values, in the way employees are trained to talk to customers, etc.

Hiring and training staff can be expensive and time-consuming; by creating a culture that encourages retention, you can potentially save thousands of dollars.

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