Strategies for being an individual with a strong business approach

Individuals can possess specific qualities that will make them not only an exciting and positive person to be around but a fantastic business person.

While personality is embedded in who you are and can’t be changed overnight, there are some skills you can consciously work on developing in order to master your business approach. Consider the following:


A strong business approach involves the ability to network. Networking is a great skill to possess as the connections you create through networking provide you with a great pool of resources to be able to achieve your goals, both in business and in life in general.


A clever business person understands that running a successful business is not about doing everything yourself; it’s about knowing what tasks to delegate and to whom. By having a strong team behind you, you can nominate people you trust to help you with specific aspects of running your business. This allows you to make time to focus on other areas, such as personal development, maintaining a work/home life balance, new business projects and marketing campaigns, business growth etc.


The ability to communicate effectively is undoubtedly the most essential quality of maintaining a strong business approach. Each individual will have their own unique communication style; you need to know what yours is because the people you are leading and working with will perform better if they know what they can expect from you. While different situations will require different communication approaches, people should still know what to expect from you.


Creative individuals are more likely to succeed and have a strong business approach than those individuals who are not creative. The problem with this is that it is very difficult to just wake up and be a creative individual if it is not a natural attribute. Luckily, there are simple ways individuals can develop their creative side. Some of these strategies include:

  • Always ask for feedback on how you have performed or chosen to navigate a specific situation so that you can analyse how different minds would have handled the same task. You can take or leave the advice you get and use what you want to in the future.
  • Take up a new skill based in the creative field such as a painting class or dance class.

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