Saving money on your fuel bill

For those who use a vehicle to commute, fuel is an expense that adds up.

To save on the costs consider the following tips:

Change the way you drive
Suddenly braking, taking multiple small trips and accelerating quickly are sure-fire ways to rapidly empty your tank. Consider the following strategies to help you save on your car bill:

  • Merging your trips to minimise driving distance
  • Shifting up gears
  • Giving yourself more room to brake

Fill up at the right time
Fill up when the price at your local gas station is down. By working out if certain chains offer a specific day like a Tuesday for cheap fuel and downloading certain apps that track the price of petrol at nearby stations you can pick the right day for small savings that will add up in the long run.

Service your vehicle
By servicing your vehicle at the right time, inflating your tyres and checking your load and wheel alignment, you ensure that your car uses its fuel most economically.

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