Public speaking tips to win over a crowd

For a lot of people, public speaking isn’t their most strongest suit. But for many business owners, public speaking is inevitable at some point in their working career.

Public speaking can provide generous opportunities to connect with more people and share your own experiences and knowledge. It is an excellent way to establish yourself in your industry and wider community and can offer many benefits for your business.

Next time you are asked to speak in public, don’t baulk at the opportunity; instead, use these tips to improve your public speaking skills and confidence:

Start off strong
An anecdote or alarming statistic is immediately going to grab your audience’s attention. Sharing something personal helps to establish rapport with the crowd and connect them to your topic better.

Practising is essential especially if you experience nerves. Thoroughly knowing your topic is not only important for delivering a great speech but will help if you get any unexpected questions from the crowd.

Visualise success
Visualise yourself delivering the speech and the positive reactions you get from the crowd. Thinking about the positive benefits helps to improve your confidence, reduce your fears and improve your performance.

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