Providing quality customer service

While the nature of customer service has changed due to technology, it still holds an ever important place in business.

Understanding how to deliver high quality customer service can result in increased business profit and greater customer retention rates. Consider the following strategies for providing quality customer service:


As it has always been, customer service is all about communication. The way a customer feels their interaction with the business has gone will largely impact on whether they choose to use your business again, and how they choose to talk about your business to third parties. A decade ago, word-of-mouth referrals meant everything for a business. While it is still important nowadays, the concept of business reviews through social media is gaining more attraction and can severely hinder your business growth. If a customer feels they have had a negative experience, they are likely to write about this on your Facebook page, which can lead others not to deal with you. To avoid this, you need to practice clear communication; respond in a timely fashion, be attentive, listen to what they are requesting, and explain what you can do for them and how you can do it.

Process of recording interaction

To ensure that there is a process for dealing with customers and handling matters in a formal way, it is worthwhile establishing a method for recording interactions with customers. If a complaint or a request is made, it should be logged and tracked, until it is resolved or closed. A formal process not only backs up the employee that interacts with each customer, it is a great way to track where each open enquiry is up to and what has been discussed at each point of interaction. Additionally, by having a process of recording customer interactions, it is easier to review and track the aspects that work and the aspects that need improvement.


Taking advantage of the strengths technology can provide your business in terms of automation and customer service will see you leading the pack. Technology such as using live chat through chatbots can greatly improve a customer’s interaction with the business. However, you need to invest the money and resources to ensure the bot performs to the same standard of quality as a human would.

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