Online marketing to improve awareness

Businesses know the impact of digital marketing but many small businesses are still lagging behind when it comes to incorporating digital into their marketing efforts.

A lack of time, knowledge or experienced staff is often the cause. However, digital marketing does not have to be complex or difficult. Consider the following tips to improve awareness of your business through digital marketing:

Email lists
Email marketing is a great way to nurture your loyal followers and get the attention of new subscribers. Segmenting your email lists is useful as you can tailor your messages to different audiences depending on the type of information they are interested in. For example, you can have an email list for subscribers interested in sales and promotions, a list for company news and your blog, and a list for potential leads that have visited your site.

Providing relevant and useful content is one way to increase your business’ awareness. Blogging is one such way of achieving this. Consider starting up a regular blog to address key topics that your target audience is interested in. Although a blog may not lead to instant sales, it can help to stay top of mind for your target audience so when they do decide to purchase they can easily recall your business. Creating engaging social media posts is also effective. Hone into the platforms your target audience use heavily and post consistently. Regular posting also helps to increase awareness.

Pay Per Click advertising
If you have some spare cash to spend, Pay Per Click advertising is a good option. These advertisements are placed at the top of search engine results and when clicked will direct the user to your site. You will pay each time one of your advertisements is clicked. The key to getting this form of advertising right is selecting relevant keywords that your target audience would be searching for.


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