Offering great customer service through social media

Social media is an opportunity for you to build your business brand by delivering excellent customer service. You should view social media as an open channel to the needs and insights of your market.

Follow these tips so you can use your social media to deliver fantastic customer service.

Keep an eye out
The people in charge of your social media should keep their eyes peeled for mentions of your business online. Failing to respond or share a customer’s positive or negative review could jeopardise your business image.

Respond quickly
Your customers will expect your business to engage with them on social media if they have raised a concern or are offering praise. The benefits of responding swiftly include:

  • Showing customers you care about their experience
  • Boosting your online profile by showing your social media pages are monitored
  • Answering questions or clearing up concerns that many other existing or potential customers may have
  • Promote your business through positive reviews

Public vs private responses

If a query or concern is made online, it is up to you to decide whether it is better to resolve the dispute in public or private. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook all have private messaging functions, which will allow you to liaise privately with your customer if it is a more sensitive issue. If you want to clear up some bad press you have been getting; a public forum may be a better space to reply to a complaint or grievance of a customer.


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