Motivating your employees

One of the more challenging aspects of managing staff is working out how to keep them motivated. Motivated employees are not only more productive but they are less likely to want to leave your business.

Fortunately, motivating employees does not always need to involve financial incentives. Here are some tips that can help you to get the most out of your workers:

Provide opportunities to learn
Motivate your employees by offering training that provides them with the skills to advance their career. Offering opportunities to learn and grow with your business can make staff feel highly valued and enables you to build your business’s reputation as a great place to work – attracting better applicants.

Empower them
Asking for input and suggestions engages your staff and helps them to feel more appreciated. Giving employees more accountability and authority to make decisions demonstrates your trust in them, resulting in more committed and driven staff. It is also important to recognise and reward past achievements of individuals as it can be a great motivator for future progress.

Regular communication
Frequent, face-to-face communication keeps your staff in the loop and provides opportunity to discuss issues and improvements that need to be addressed. Sharing non-sensitive information about their contribution and impact on your business can provide further motivation as they can attribute their work to the larger picture.

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