Making customers click

A great call to action (CTA) can increase customer engagement and boost a business’s website conversion rates. It can convince customers to engage in a particular action, such as visiting a business’s website, or motivate them to make a purchase after viewing a business’s services or products.

Call to actions can be used anywhere to promote a business’s products and services, such as on their website, blog, newsletters or social networks. They work well when they clearly trigger an emotional reaction, tell someone to make a purchase, create an urgency to purchase immediately, and provide incentives that are impossible to refuse.

Below are three important CTA features to consider when trying to make customers ‘click’:

Choosing the right colour
There is no particular colour that will guarantee client conversions, so firms should pick one that promotes a certain feeling in clients. Some colours to consider include:

  • Orange: Encourages immediate action
  • Blue: Builds trust and security
  • Red: Increases energy and a sense of urgency
  • Green: Promotes growth and relaxation
  • Yellow: Gets attention and creates low-level anxiety

Writing clickable copy
The point of a call to action is to make someone want to take action right away, so write something that people are guaranteed to click. Try writing in first person, use active verbs, be specific and keep the message short.

Finding the best size
Your CTA button shape is very important. Rectangular buttons are the most common, but businesses should try out other shapes and sizes to see if they will complement the overall design better. Even though bigger is usually better, the CTA button should stand out but not be so obnoxious that it ruins the design of the page it is on.


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