Integrating social media into your website

Connecting your website users to your social media platforms is a great way to boost your social media presence, increase your traffic and promote your online brand.

Here are three tips to leverage the power of social media into your website:

Social login
Integrating a social login to your website can increase your user registrations and allows users to easily share content to their social media profiles. Providing users with a social login option bypasses the need to create a specific account, shortening the user’s registration process.

Include social share and follow buttons
Social media buttons should be displayed on the top, bottom or side of your home page to encourage website users to share your content and follow your social pages. It is a good idea to create links that open your social media pages in new tabs or windows so users do not have to exit your website.

Showcase your social feeds
Highlight your business’ social media pages with updated social feeds on your website’s footer or header. Some social channels will be more relevant to link than others, for example, Twitter is a good option as tweets can highlight your business’ news and related events in a concise form. Be sure to only link social media platforms that are regularly updated.


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