Integrating social media into your email marketing strategy

Integrating social media and email marketing can do wonders for a business’s marketing efforts. Although quite effective individually, combining social media into an email marketing strategy can extend a business’s email reach and increase the number of followers and subscribers.

Integration also provides more than one platform for businesses to connect with their target audience, allowing them to find key influencers and providing more options to email subscribers. Ways to integrate social media and email marketing include:

  • Inserting social icons into emails
    Email campaigns should include all the social icons for the social platforms a business uses. Make sure they are placed near the top of an email, and are large enough to grab the attention of readers.
  • Asking subscribers to share email content
    Sometimes including social icons in your email is not enough. Although many subscribers would recognise icons of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, they may not know what action they should take on seeing these icons. Don’t hesitate to tell them; including simple call to actions like ‘Share this email’ next to the icons.
  • Reach more subscribers through the social networks
    If your business has a strong following in a certain social network, don’t be afraid to ask for new email subscribers through that network. One way to do this is through promoting your website’s email newsletter sign-up page through a status update or tweet.
  • Add ‘Retweet This!’
    An effective way of blending social media with email marketing is to highlight a certain tweet within an email. Displaying a specific tweet in the email goes well with the mantra of “share your community’s stuff”.

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