Improving office communication

Communication between co-workers is vital but a growing reliance on social media to converse threatens to distract workers. If you need to contact someone and you use social media messaging, you run the risk of them getting distracted by their phone in the process. Here are a few ways you can communicate with employees without distractions.

Instant Messaging Sites
Sites such as Slack and Discord are good tools for communicating as they are solely for messaging within a group, there are no messages from family or friends to divert attention away from an employee’s work commitments. These sites also have phone apps so people can be reached outside of work hours and all the information is in the same place. Due to the only feature being instant messaging, it helps keep work conversations about work rather than sharing social media posts.

Team Meetings
Getting everyone together is a great way to get information right across the board instead of getting lost in a chain of messages or going through multiple people. Having a weekly team meeting can help focus employees on the week ahead and have everyone be aware of what each other is working on. If you have a larger company that logistically cannot get together at the same time or in the same place, hold department meetings so everyone within a certain group can work cohesively. A team meeting can also be a casual affair; A few people going to get coffee in the morning can help with productivity as they have a designated socialisation time in the morning.

Remember to Listen
Communication is a two-way street, there is a give and take element in all forms of conversation. It is important to allow others not only the time to speak but to be heard, making sure it is known that their points are valid and considered. Remembering a particular exchange and revisiting aspects is a great way to show employees and co-workers that their input has been heard and acknowledged.

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