How website colour can increase conversions

Web design is a crucial aspect of boosting your online conversion numbers. Your professionalism, brand polish and brand message can be conveyed through colour.

Follow these tips to use colour to your advantage.

Colours create an emotional mood
According to colour psychology, different colours evoke different feelings. Keep in mind these colours and the emotions they convey:

  • Red shows energy, excitement, passion and danger
  • Yellow expresses optimism and happiness
  • Black is sleek and modern
  • Pink and purple are colours that are associated with femininity and playfulness

Target your market
You should work out who your target market is and use colours to capture their attention.

  • For genderless companies, blue is universally liked and associated with trust.
  • If you intend to capture a young market use colours like black and silver to convey a sleek and modern look.
  • Keep in mind colours can also symbolise particular movements. For example, an environmental website should always have green accents or breast cancer websites will use pink.

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