How to write a job ad

With such a large number of varied job ads online and in print, if you want to attract the best people you have to make your ad stand out. It is also very important to properly convey your workplace culture in the ad, so that you do not have to waste time interviewing inappropriate candidates.

Great job ads are appealing but also honest. If you oversell the job, your new employee will quickly become disappointed. If you undersell, you may reduce the scope or quality of applicants applying.

You should make sure that you write your ad in a way that clearly reflects the personality of your business and also conveys a message to your applicants about the type of person will suit the role. Getting a person who is a good personality fit to your company is equally as important as getting someone with the right skillset.

If your ad is reflective of your company, applicants will be in a better position to judge whether or not they should apply.

You should always include a detailed list of duties that the role entails and the types of skills and qualifications that you are looking for. A little attention to detail here can save you a lot of time when it comes to sorting resumes.

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