How to promote creativity in the workplace

Creativity is the cornerstone of innovation. Flourishing businesses place a great deal of emphasis on encouraging creative work environments to seek out new ideas and opportunities for business growth.

Creativity is not reserved for the creative industry alone; most businesses can incorporate creativity into their workplace to improve problem-solving skills and become leaders in their industry.

Here are three ways to promote creativity in the workplace:

Diverse teams help to promote creativity as different people bring their own perspectives, providing a range of creative solutions and insights to a problem. When creating teams in the workplace, select people with varying levels of experience, from different ethnic backgrounds, different educational backgrounds and with differing levels of seniority.

Promoting collaboration is an important step in fostering a creative work environment. Encourage employees to brainstorm and seek feedback from co-workers to come up with innovative solutions. Consider changing your office seating plan to an open seating plan so staff members can easily engage with one another and bounce ideas off each other.

Rewarding creativity is a great way of demonstrating your business’ commitment to creativity. Businesses can reward employees with incentives such as monthly awards when they contribute new ideas or creative solutions. Providing solid feedback for suggestions and new ideas is another way of rewarding staff for thinking outside the box and encouraging a culture of creativity.

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