How to increase productivity and reduce stress

Unfortunately, many workers will suffer from stress in their daily work day in some form. Whether it is an impending deadline, conflict with co-workers or simply high expectations of themselves, stress is likely to get in the way of productivity.

Here are three effective ways to manage your stress and workload for optimal productivity:

Stop multitasking
Multitasking may be attractive to some workers as they think they can achieve more than usual. But multitasking often results in lost time and a lack of concentration on the task at hand. It is much better to dedicate time and effort to one task at a time.

Take regular breaks
Work in 90 minute work blocks for maximum focus and productivity. Having a small break in between your 90 minute work cycles helps to energise you, leaving you to return to your work with a clear mind and potentially more ideas and creativity.

Prioritise tasks
Tasks that can be done immediately or in a short time frame, i.e., a few minutes, should be done straight away. By doing the small tasks first it leaves more room to accomplish larger, more important tasks rather than worrying about finishing off those small tasks later on.

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