How to generate the perfect Facebook post

Creating the perfect Facebook post is a real art.

There is much to be considered when posting in relation to what and what not to do. If you consider the following tips, your Facebook posts should reach a greater audience and inspire greater engagement.

The message you are sending should be positive. People use social media to help them feel good about themselves, and thus, positive posts are likely to play a significant factor in retaining your audience. If the message you need to send is not necessarily a positive one, for instance, trying to raise money for a disease or raise awareness on a humanitarian issue, challenge yourself to find the positive aspect. Show your audience how their support is helping the cause, give them meaning and a sense of accomplishment through their engagement.

Facebook is not a good platform for hashtags. People commonly make the mistake of posting the same content on multiple different platforms. If you post the same content on all platforms, there is no incentive for people to follow you on more than one. Keep hashtags for Instagram and Twitter.

Keep it short and sweet. Many people check their Facebook on the go, sometimes even just out of habit. A lot of the time, people could see your post but don’t have the time to sit down and give it the consideration it deserves. If you have a long message, create a link to it rather than write it all in your post. That way people can save it and come back to it when they have the time.

There is no point putting effort into creating a great post if no one is going to see it. Consider when your followers and your target audience will be on Facebook and post during these times. That way your content is likely to be seen by more people, increasing engagement and furthering its reach.


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