How to gain more social media followers

Many small businesses are still new to social media marketing, and, as with all new endeavours, there are always a few early pitfalls.

Gaining a decent number of followers is one such difficulty facing many small businesses. But there are activities and processes businesses can follow to improve their social following.

Below are several strategies that can help businesses reach more people, increase their conversion rate and improve their customer experience on social media.

  • Find the best time for your business to share

The best time to post content on social media will differ from business to business as it all depends on audience activity. Find the followers you want to engage with to see when they are active on social networks, or track your current audience’s activity on social platforms and schedule to post your content based on these findings.

  • Post after lunch

If you don’t have time to research when the best time is for your business to share content, various research and studies have shown that 3 pm – 1 am is the optimal time to share on social media, as social traffic is usually at its highest in the late afternoon. While there are still benefits posting your business’s content in the morning, businesses should schedule the updates they want to convert most with i.e. their blog posts, in the 3 pm – 1 am time frame.

  • Share more often

The more your business shares, the more likely it is that you will get more followers. This is due to several reasons; you become more practiced at sharing, you are more active and, therefore, engage with more people, and you also will soon have more valuable content for people to interact with.

  • Inform others

Become a social media informer; someone who shares outward-looking, useful information. Informers usually have more followers since their updates and content are relevant to readers.

  • Always be positive

The more negative remarks a business makes on social media, the fewer followers it is likely to obtain. Positivity can help businesses get more followers, as people are much more likely to share positive content, especially when it connects to the feelings of curiosity, amazement, interest or astonishment.

  • Add images to your Facebook posts

Research shows that adding images to your Facebook posts can produce up to twice as much engagement as Facebook posts with no pictures.

  • Be authoritative

Most people respond to authoritative figures; this can be seen on social media, as many who identify themselves as an authority have more followers than those who don’t. Identify your business in the best possible light, just like you would on a resume.


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