How to cost-effectively drive business sales

Making more business sales, especially through slow periods, can seem difficult. With rising overheads and limited cash flow, increasing sales is likely to be high on the agenda.

Fortunately, business owners can improve their sales with some low-cost marketing techniques, including:

Incorporate more sales promotions
Sales offers and promotions are a fast way to increase demand for your products and services. Promotions are a good way to stand out to customers and can be highly beneficial during slow business periods. There are various sales promotions that can be used, for example, coupons, competitions and contests, as well as free samples, 2-for-1 deals and joint promotions with other businesses.

Utilise social media
Use social media to promote your products and services (i.e. post photos or customer testimonials), and any current promotions or offers. Asking customers to quote a social media post for a price discount or offer is one way of combining your promotions and social media efforts.

Encourage referrals
Creating a referral program where the referring customer gains a discount or reward is a good way to boost your word-of-mouth marketing. Not only do you benefit from the new customer but it gives your existing customer an incentive to spread the word.

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