Handling pushy salespeople

Rejecting a sales pitch can be difficult when dealing with a persuasive salesperson – however, having additional time to think about their offer is much more beneficial in the long run.

Salespeople will often use a variety of sales techniques to talk you into purchasing their product or service; most requiring immediate purchase. Creating a sense of urgency sometimes can force people to purchase under pressure, leaving no time to evaluate if there are better options.

Consider the following when dealing with pushy salespeople:

Check the terms and conditions
Review the terms and conditions of the offer, making sure to read the fine print such as fees and charges etc. Find out if there is a cooling-off period in case you change your mind. Ask the salesperson to include verbal promises into a contract or agreement before you sign up. If you are unsure about any of the terms and conditions, seek further clarification.

Double-check credentials
Not all salespeople are legitimate. It is best to double check you are dealing with a licensed business. Request a copy of their licence details and a financial services guide before making a decision.

Take your time
Ask the salesperson for additional time to think before committing. Conducting your own research on the other options available, comparing the features and costs of different products and services from different businesses will help to give you a clearer picture of whether you have a good deal or not.

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