Handling negative online reviews

Negative online reviews can harm your businesses’ image and deter potential customers, which is why they need to be competently addressed.

Consider the tips below for damage control.

If the complaint on the online forum is coherent and appropriate, the customer may have a point. Responding shows a high level of customer care while giving you the opportunity to make amends.

Apologise wisely
You should apologise for the customer’s feelings but not necessarily for what they are complaining about. For example, if the review complains about your prices, you should not apologise for this but rather explain why the prices are the way they are. If you provide solutions rather than apologise, it gives the impression that your business is competent and able to adapt to customers’ needs.

Be calm
It will worsen your online image if you are defensive or emotional in your reply. A business that cannot take criticism looks insecure and incompetent. Keep cool in your response no matter how frustrating the complaint is.


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