Handle customer complaints the right way

Complaints can happen to any small business, but how you and your staff choose to resolve them is essential to retaining your customers on a long-term basis.

Take the complaint seriously. Thanks to social media, an unhappy customer has the power to voice their complaint about a product or service to a wider audience of consumers. Seeing a negative review may deter a potential customer from doing business with you.

Understand what the customer wants. Carefully listening to a customer’s grievance is the fastest way to comprehend what outcome they desire. It will let them know your paying attention to them and help you form the most effective and thoughtful response.

Resolve the complaint as quickly as possible. The longer it takes to solve, the bigger and more serious it may become. Resolving a complaint directly after a customer has voiced it, is the best way to manage the impact it may have on retaining this individual as a customer and protecting the public reputation of your business.

Ensure the problem does not occur again. Listening to and resolving a complaint can often help expose any major customer services issues that your business may have. It is fundamental to fix the issue so that a similar complaint does not occur in the future.

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