Grow your mail list with social media

Growing your mailing list is a strong marketing strategy, but not all of us know how.

Consider the three tips below:

Insert a sign-up button
Although many businesses have a Facebook page, they fail to make it easy for visitors to visit their page to sign up to the business’ mailing list. A simple and easy way around this is to include a sign-up button that directly links them to your mailing list.

Consider strengths of different platforms
The various social media platforms provide different benefits ready for your business to take advantage of. If they all had the same strengths, they wouldn’t all be so popular. For instance, Instagram is a powerful tool for sharing competitions where users have to follow and subscribe for example to be eligible to win said competition. Facebook is useful for creating a community feel and exclusivity by joining the mailing list and having access to the business’ private Facebook group.

Offer exclusive content
Although this one isn’t directly related to social media, it’s still important! Exclusive content is a great way to add value for those who subscribe to your mailing list. While having all your content available to all browsers, you are increasing your SEO, but that is only part of strengthening your business online. You also need to focus on converting these browsers. Even if subscribing is free, the psychology behind signing up is worth noting; browsers who subscribe to get exclusive content are making a conscious decision to sign up, with the thought pattern that this is something they need and can’t go without. With subscribers like this, you have the potential to build life-long brand loyalty.


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