Grow your business with Instagram

Social media platforms provide a valuable opportunity to grow your business by building a loyal following, maximising the shareability of your page and creating an engaging brand image.

Tips to grow your business on Instagram are provided below.

Give information
The bio section of your Instagram page should contain as many useful links to your business as possible. Invite the visitor to your page to engage with your website, contact you via email, telephone or direct message to ensure that you can convert this individual into a paying customer.

Think about your grid
You need to put thought into what kind of material you will be posting. Looking into industry trends are essential to see what garners a favourable response. Consider uploading photo content of products, satisfied customers and videos of your services. Make sure there is a beautiful theme that links your posts together to ensure your page looks managed and to build an engaging brand.

If you receive comments good or bad response to them. This is an opportunity to engage with your clientele, ensure their satisfaction and present your business as one that genuinely cares about the consumer experience. Consider holding online discounts or prizes for those who regram a promotional picture to garner more followers and gain greater publicity.


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