Getting started with local SEO

Boosting a website’s visibility and ranking is one of the most commonly cited goals among small business owners. However, without an effective local SEO strategy business owners may struggle to see results.

Local SEO helps businesses to connect with their local customers when they are searching for a business in their local area. Local listing sites such as Google My Business, Four Square and Yelp; along with website user reviews and targeted content can improve a site’s local SEO.

Incorporating local SEO tactics is a great way to position your business to those customers who are searching for a product or service in a specific area but do not have a specific business in mind. Here are three tips to improve your business’ local SEO:

  • List your business on directories
    Online business directories (i.e. Yelp, Yellow Pages, Trip Advisor) will often appear on the first page of search results, listing essential business details such as a business’ address, phone number and a description. Appearing in the top search results for local listings is one of the simplest ways to convert a potential customer into an actual customer.
  • Encourage user reviews
    Online user reviews help to create trust with customers and can boost your local SEO. Encourage satisfied customers to review and rate your business on your website. For example, you may follow-up with a phone call or send an email to a link to your review section on your website. It is good practice to respond to all reviews (both positive and negative).
  • Maintain an active social presence
    Major social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter can help a business’ local SEO strategy. Social sites with large followings and high levels of engagement are more likely to appear in the top search result pages. Be sure to post regularly on your social sites and respond to feedback or customer queries promptly. A strong social media strategy will help to foster customer relationships and in turn, can boost your SEO.

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