Friendly competition in the workplace

When done wrong, competition in the workplace can create a toxic and cutthroat environment. But when done well, a healthy competitive culture not only improves overall business productivity levels but can boost morale and create a sense of a community for your staff.

Here are four tips to help you foster a positive competitive workplace:

Give gamification a go
Gamification involves using typical gaming elements, i.e., point scoring, rewards and leaderboards. Transforming it into a game can make it fun, and will boost productivity by creating healthy competition amongst your staff without stressing them out with any real consequences. A gamification type program will work best to inspire staff working in customer sales.

Hire the best fit
The easiest way to create a positive, but competitive workplace culture is by hiring employees who are goal-oriented and can also work well in a team. In this way, you avoid creating a cutthroat culture and form a workplace where everyone works together towards a common goal and further success.

Your employees want to feel valued and an important part of the business. One way to inspire them to invest further is by offering promotions or bonuses to workers who go above and beyond in their role.

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