Fostering healthy workplace competition

Bringing out your staff’s competitive side can lift the performance of the entire business and boost productivity. However, competition can turn any workplace toxic so it is essential to get the balance right.

These strategies will ensure competition in your office contributes to a healthy and positive workplace environment.

Reward instead of punishing
Target the top rather than the bottom in workplace competitions to facilitate a positive change in the office. Although you might want to track low performing employees, singling out or punishing may contribute to workplace bullying and detract from team work. Rewarding high performing staff is a great way to get the most out of your employees by giving them something to aspire to. Consider giving a bonus for the employee who reaches a specific target first or awarding an employee of the month.

Team competition
To foster greater teamwork in certain sectors of your workplace make the competition between teams. A team competition will encourage and strengthen collaboration and raise the overall performance of your staff.

Hire the right people
Your office culture comes down to recruitment. Hiring the wrong people can make any fun competition turn sour. Ensure you hire driven individuals who know the meaning of teamwork. A strong sense of morality is essential to make sure that workplace competition does not turn ugly.

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