Ensuring remote workers remain accountable

Providing the flexibility to employees to be able to work remotely has become quite popular in the working world and can be a win-win for both employers and employees. It provides employees with the opportunity to adjust work obligations around other personal and home responsibilities and also gives business owners a great way of attracting new talent to the company.

However, not working with your employees in the office can make it hard to monitor whether they are performing and getting everything done promptly. Here are three ways employers can keep track of their remote employees to make sure they are getting the job done:

Set clear expectations
While you want to give remote workers the freedom to finish their tasks from their home offices, it is also important to be clear about your expectations as their employer. Creating a company policy for remote workers that outlines expectations like their availability during work hours and the importance of completing projects on time is one way to do this.

Provide mobile devices
Business owners will want to check in with their remote workers regularly, so it is important that these workers have the tools necessary to stay in touch. Providing a mobile device and outlining how remote workers can use it for work and personal purposes can ensure that you will always have a means of contacting them.

Make transparency a priority
A great deal of transparency is required to make a relationship between an employer and remote employee work. Remaining transparent can help ensure that everyone is held accountable and that no one misses important deadlines.

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