Engaging Facebook video marketing strategies

Facebook videos are commonly used as a marketing strategy for many businesses. This is an effective strategy, as long as it is done correctly.

To make your Facebook videos work efficiently for your marketing campaign, consider the following:

Get to the point

There is a strong trend on Facebook for users to scroll. Your video needs to make an impact and needs to draw the audience in immediately, or they won’t finish watching the video. Wasting time at the start of the video with a long introduction will be counterproductive. You need to get straight to the point; make sure every minute of the video is used effectively because every wasted minute will result in loss of potential business.

Call to action

The audience should know what to do after watching your video. Do they visit a specific website, or complete actions to enter a competition? Are they equipped with knowledge or information to make ethical consumer choices? Are they informed of when to tune back in for further updates? Whatever the call of action may be, it is necessary as it is providing the viewer with something they had not previously considered, and thus it makes your Facebook video valuable.

Time of post

The time that you post your video can make a difference to the number of people that see it, particularly if it doesn’t go viral. Ways to gauge the most effective time to post your Facebook videos include:

  • Using a tool to assess when your Facebook page has the most viewers and posting at this time.
  • Posting at high traffic times means you run the risk of your content being lost in a sea of videos and other content. If you post at these times, you have more chance of your video going viral if viewers like it. On the other side, posting at lower traffic times means fewer people will see it, but also fewer people are likely to skim over it and not pay attention.

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