Driving traffic to your blog using Facebook

Facebook remains one of the most popular social networking sites of our time. However, while it is an effective platform for businesses wanting to share information with others, the site’s popularity can make it difficult for businesses to capture their audience’s attention among the rest of the Facebook noise.

But there are ways businesses can utilise Facebook beyond simply updating a status when a new blog article goes live. Here are five suggestions:

Vary your posts
Sharing content from your business’s blog on a regular basis makes it easy to slip into the habit of sharing all of your posts in the same manner. Businesses should try playing around with wording posts in different ways to see which resonates most with their audience.

Experiment with simple, direct statements that leave the reader wanting to learn more about what has been introduced, or provide a bit more detail in the post to highlight the main takeaways of the content.

Use different types of questions
A common tactic on Facebook is to ask questions; but what kind of questions should your business ask to grab reader attention? Metaphorical, hypothetical questions allow readers to think about topics in a new way, potentially making them want to learn more about what is proposed by the post’s question. Another option is to ask for audience feedback on something, and then provide solutions in the blog post you’re sharing.

Use excerpts as quotes
Using quotes to create engagement is a great way to re-share the same article on Facebook multiple times without coming across as being too transparent. Pulling various excerpts from your article and quoting them allows businesses to diversify the messaging of their blog posts which may assist in reaching people with various interests, too. A great way to select quotes to use for your post is to locate the ones that apply directly to readers’ needs.

Regularly recap blog posts
Sharing blog recaps can help obtain some additional leverage. Recaps can help readers gain a comprehensive view of the latest news surrounding a specific topic and they also provide businesses with an excuse to link back to previous posts, thereby leveraging content that may have otherwise been forgotten.

Optimise posts for SEO
Since Facebook posts can show up in Google Search results, another useful strategy for garnering additional traffic from Facebook is to optimise post content for SEO purposes. Include phrases that people might search for in a search engine in your Facebook posts and make sure your posts contain primary terms for which you’d want your post to be found.


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