Creating shareable content

All content should be produced with an expectation of it going viral and getting shared across a broad number of platforms. This may sound ambitious, but it’s good practice; great care and planning should be incorporating into creating content that makes a big impact on readers.

Consider the following four C’s for creating shareable content:

Careful thought needs to go into how you choose to display your content. The best way of composing your content will depend on a number of factors, such as your target audience, the seriousness of the content, is it better presented using text, images or videos? Different ways of composing content include:
– Lists
– Videos
– Infographics
– Photo essays
– Vox pops
– Memes
– How to pieces
– Opinion pieces

The content you share needs to have a wow factor; it has to be engaging, thought provoking and above all, credible. Before coming up with a content idea, or before committing to write about it, research needs to be conducted to work out what is already being said about the topic, and how you can provide something new to the discussion. If your competition is seeing the same thing as you, you can’t expect your content to stand out. You need to provide your audience with something extra that no one else is providing.

Great and shareable content sparks discussion. The internet is flooded with information; to stand out and prevent being lost amongst the noise online, your content should generate a point of dialogue. Your content should direct your audience to some kind of action, or should be provocative enough to make your audience tell their friends, coworkers, family, etc. about it.

To build not only shareable content but a popular voice in your industry that people keep coming back to, you need consistency. Consistency can be achieved in a number of ways, such as:
– Using the same tone, i.e., sarcastic, humorous, informative, ironic.
– The time of the posting should be regular, i.e. Monday mornings, Wednesday afternoons, Friday mornings, etc.
– Using a theme, i.e., reviewing a TV show relevant to your industry each episode, weekly wrap-up of news related to your industry, etc.


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