Creating meaningful business connections this festive season

The festive season is a great time to strengthen existing business relationships and foster the emergence of new ones.

Consider the following tips for ensuring your business stays competitive not only during the festive season but well into the New Year as well.

Emotional factor
Emotions will be running high as Christmas and the New Year fast approaches; people become stressed in their personal lives, trying to get everything organised and preparing to see long lost family members, and this can often come out in their business dealings. Remember not to take it personally if customers become ‘hard’ to deal with, and remain professional and understanding. Go out of your way to satisfy customers, allowing them to feel as though you really care about the service they receive.

Add value
What your business is trying to achieve over the holiday season, i.e., bring in a few more customers before the year ends and raise profit, is what every other business is trying to do too, so you need to sell your ‘point of difference’. Consider what you are offering that potential customers will not be able to get anywhere else. This could be expedited shipping times or free shipping, extended business hours, discounts, etc.

The momentum you build with your customers during the holiday season can be used to drive revenue well into the New Year. If you make a business connection in November or December, follow this up in January to solidify the connection; by sending personalised emails, making calls, sending a card, etc., to make a meaningful connection and show the personable side to your business.

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