Creating engaging content

When creating content for your website, regardless of the business or industry you are involved in, there are some hard fast strategies you can follow to ensure it is engaging.

Consider the following:


Including visual content such as images, infographics, videos etc. will draw readers in and keep them on your website longer, thus boosting your SEO. Content that is visually stimulating is more likely to get shared across a multitude of platforms, as well as encourage individuals to subscribe to your content.


One of the major factors concerning engaging content is ensuring it’s readable. There are different kinds of readability. Firstly, technical language severely limits your audience. Website content should not be heavy on technical language, save that for business journals. No matter the business or the industry, you can always make your content engaging through thinking about tone; you don’t necessarily have to be serious all the time in all aspects of your website.


The content you create needs to have an angle, a direction that is unique from any other content out there. If you are writing content that is quite newsy, your angle needs to provide the viewers with something they can’t get elsewhere, such as from your competitors.


Making sure your content is shareable is extremely important. There is no point investing time into creating engaging and stimulating content if readers cannot share links to this content. Making your content shareable across a various number of social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter is clever.


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