Creating an effective ‘About Us’ page

Every page on your business’s website is an opportunity for you to show off what your business has to offer to online visitors and potential customers.

Unfortunately, many small businesses underutilise these possibilities, and focus all of their efforts on pages like the ‘Home’ and ‘Services’ pages, instead of spending an equal amount of time turning every page into an opportunity to attract more customers.

While they may seem easy to write and quite self-explanatory, the ‘About Us’ page is a vital page that shouldn’t only be thought of as a page that merely provides information about the business to readers.

Here are some ways your business can turn your ‘About Us’ page into a page that is not only informational but also effective in engaging online readers.

Use images or graphics: Images can be just as effective on an ‘About Us’ page as they are when used for a blog post or services page. One of the best ways to grab the attention of online readers is to use images and graphics that are eye-catching, but also relevant and engaging. The idea of using images on a business’s ‘About Us’ page is to show your personality while also creating a page that is interesting enough to keep people browsing.

Tell your story: When online users visit an ‘About Us’ page, they want to know what your business has to offer. But including background information to personalise your brand can help make visitors feel like they know you. Including the story of how you business started can create something interesting to keep users on the page.

Include your values: Your values make up a huge part of who your business is, so it makes sense that if people were curious as to what they are, they would visit the ‘About Us’ page to learn more. While it is important to keep your values clear and to the point, businesses should write enough that people can connect with them.

Keep it brief: Don’t forget to keep it brief. It can be difficult to include your story and values while not being too wordy, however keeping it short is important because people don’t expect to have to do a ton of reading on an ‘About Us’ page. But if adding all the information above doesn’t contribute to your small business, then just keep it simple.

Include social media buttons: Since social media links are easy to install on all pages, it makes sense to also include them on your ‘About Us’ page. The buttons will give visitors the chance to connect with your business online if they like what they read.


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