Content calendars for digital marketing

A content calendar is a handy tool you can use to organise and bring purpose to your digital marketing strategy.

It allows you to visualise your strategy in weekly, monthly or yearly timelines, and plan content release around important dates and events that arise in your relative industry.

A calendar can save you time and ensure that you stay focused on every platform. Having a calendar in place means you will rarely have to take time out of your weekly schedule to think and write up content on the spot. You will have a clear plan of what content will be posted, when it is to be posted and to which platforms.

You may choose to design a content calendar for each area, i.e., social media and email campaigns, or present them in one unified spreadsheet document.

A unified calendar allows you to keep your efforts in each area focused on the same objective. It also helps to see where content works for more than one platform. By combining your email marketing and social media to one calendar you might notice information in an email that can also be used in a LinkedIn post.

Designing a content calendar enables you to evaluate which social platforms like Facebook or Twitter, etc., work best for your business and how often you should post on each platform.

A content calendar is a practical tool that allows you to ensure a regular flow of engaging content on digital platforms for your viewers.


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