Common mistakes businesses make on Twitter

With over 328 million monthly users, Twitter can present businesses with numerous opportunities to gain new clients and strengthen existing client relationships.

It is important to use Twitter effectively in order to remain a strong identity on the social media platform, to gain trust and loyalty from clients and to grow your business. Consider the following mistakes:

Failing to engage with advocates of the business
Acknowledge and engage with users who support your business. Reply to their comments, thank them and take note of their profile. This is a great strategy to build loyalty between your business and your clients.

Not having a consistent hashtag
Having a consistent hashtag that represents your business is important. It makes it much easier for your message to reach a larger audience and it makes it more practical for users trying to engage with your business.

Only sharing content, never creating
Sharing content is great for getting followers and for having a regular presence, particularly when you are too busy to write something original. However, not creating any of your own content is unoriginal and may cost you followers in the end. When sharing content, pick and choose wisely. Read the content in the link carefully and share with your own perspective, don’t just retweet.

Only following like-minded accounts
Following like-minded accounts is great for business ideas and support, but following a diverse range of accounts can present you with ulterior ways of thinking. It is useful to, at the very least, understand where people with a different viewpoint are coming from.

Attacking or responding when attacked
Attacking or complaining on Twitter is unprofessional, there is no need for it. You can disagree with something you see, but responding to it only brings more attention to the tweet, and you risk tarnishing your business’ brand by upsetting your followers.


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