Choosing the right office space

Choosing an office space for a business is a big decision; not only do owners have to consider what size space they require, but they also have to factor in things like the budget for rent and office proximity to public transport.

Remaining focused on the essentials is key to finding the perfect office space. Here are three factors to consider:

Travel and access for your workers
A top priority when finding an office space should be proximity to public transportation or roads and parking spaces that will allow your staff to commute to the office. Offices spaces that are too far away from access points makes it difficult for employees to get to work and may even reduce the size of a talent pool when you’re looking to make a new hire because of the difficulty to get to the office.

Time your purchase
Rent and purchase prices always increase and decrease in the real estate industry, so keep an eye on the market to find the prime opportunity to buy an office space. Make a plan based on real estate market fluctuations to sign a lease or mortgage agreement at the right time.

Plan for size
One of the most overlooked aspects of choosing office space is how much space you’ll need. Business owners should visit office spaces for rent or sale with a tape measure and a list of the office furniture that they’ll be using. It is key for owners to be thorough about the exact needs of their office space, rather than using a rough estimate.

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